Apply below to be apart of AAWE today!


  1.  DONATE to our GIVE page. (Minimum $15 “Application Fee”)
  2.  Must be 18 or older. If you’re a student you must be either a Junior or Senior. 
  3.  Provide artist URL (In need of a website?)*
  4.  Provide an artist statement and CV.  List your Social Media accounts and include a brief explanation of why you would like to be a part of AAWE.
  5.  Like and share either: Facebook, Instagram, or the GIVE page on your personal social media account.
  6.  You must be a resident of Northwest Arkansas.
  7.  Submissions must be your own original work.
  8.  Work depicting nude subjects or offensive/inappropriate material will NOT be accepted.

All mediums are welcome! If you are selected we will inform you via email!

*Contact Simplemachine for local web development!

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